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Forestry Transplants Specification

Sizes are stated in centimetres from base of whip to top (not including root). Sizes are given as a guide i.e. the whip will average between the sizes stated. For example a 60/90 is between 60-90cm in height.
1 Year Seedling undercut and grown in situe for a further year
1 Year seedling undercut and grown in situe for a further 2 years
1 Year Seedling
1 Year seedling transplanted for 1 year
1 Year Seedling transplanted for 2 years
2 Year seedling transplanted for 2 years
LD stands for Low Density planting. Grown further apart, encourages bushy growth.
A pre-cut section of a willow which can be planted directly into the ground. Usually measures at approximately 45cm length.

Useful Descriptive Terms

Cell Grown
Grown in a small but deep pot or cell to produce a deep root system. Can be planted throughout the year.
Tree is dug along with the soil it was grown in. saves root disturbance – always wrapped in biodegradable materials, larger rootballs also have a biodegradable protective wire cage. Rootballs MUST NOT be removed at time of planting as it damages the root system.
A term for single stem young seedling normally 30 to 40cm in height
Line Grown
Trees are grown very close together in lines which promotes tall straight growth. Economical on land use, it is cheaper than transplanted stock which is given more room to develop.

Tree Sizes Explained

Generally trees larger than 2.5m in height are measured by their girth. Girth is measured as follows ; Measure up from the base of the tree (above root system at soil level) to a distance of 1 metre. At this 1 metre point, measure around the trunk of the tree. This measurement in centimetres is the girth size of the tree.

Girth Size Description Overall Height
A feathered Tree 1.75m-2.5m
6-8cm Light Standard 2.5m-2.75m
8-10cm Standard 2.75m-3.0m
10-12cm Selected Standard 3.0m-3.5m
12-14cm Heavy Standard 3.5m-4.25m
14-16cm Extra Heavy Standard 4.25m-5m
16-18cm Advanced Nursery Stock 5m+
18-20cm / 20-25cm + Specimen Varied

tree sizes explained