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So another planting season is with us and Weetree are pleased to say that we have been able to retain our competitive pricing for another year on Hedge Packs, Forestry Transplants, Conifer Transplants and on many of the trees and shrubs we offer as well. That’s good news for you and good news for us.

This season’s catalogue has an updated layout that is simpler and easier to use, it sees the introduction of two new Hedge Packs for “Damp Loving” and “Salty Spots”, New varieties and sizes are offered amongst the Forestry Transplants lists.

If you need answer to some more of those questions that regularly pop up, especially now that the UK is more aware about the disease threats such as Chalara, following the extensive media coverage of the last 2 years then just ask us about our fully “plant passported” and if needed you can also be supplied with a “Certificate of provenance” to provide trace ability (this must be requested on ordering as it can not be supplied after purchase)  .

We still need people to know more, and to be sure they understand the implications of not correctly handling a possible outbreak. If in doubt check it out is the motto there.

As always, this years catalogue gives you a basis of what we do and stock, but is by no means exhaustive. So please if you are looking for anything in particular and you don’t find it within these pages, then just drop us an e-mail sales@weetree.co.uk or pick up the phone 01823 667338 and ask for Sam or Bill.

Have a great planting season one and all.

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