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The list of trees is not a complete one, trees are added and taken away all the time if you are looking for a very specific tree or size of tree just email us your requirements at sales@weetree.co.uk and we will let you know if it is available and at what cost.


Latin Name Common Name Description
Salix Cinerea Grey Sallow Large shrub or small tree up to 6m. Gets its name from the soft grey hairs on new shoots.
Salix Alba White Willow Medium tree up to 25m. Native to riversides. Silky grey blue leaves with catkins in spring.
Salix Alba Argentea Silver Willow Similar habit to Alba but slower growing. The leaves are a soft silvery grey which gives a stunning silver effect at distance.
Salix Alba Chermesina aka. Britzensis Scarlet or Coral BarkWillow Similar in habit to Alba. Most conspicuous by its orange/scarlet stems stunning in winter.
Salix Alba Vitellina Golden Willow Smaller tree than the true Alba. Gets its name from the golden yellow shoots.
Salix Viminalis Common Osier Large shrub or small tree. Long narrow leaves with silvery/silky hairs beneath. Common in wet areas, frequently used in basket weaving.
Salix Alba Vitellina Pendula aka. Sepulcralis Chrysocoma aka. Tristis Pendula Weeping Willow Medium tree of spreading habit. A stunning weeping form commonly seen in the UK. Not suitable for confined areas.
Salix Daphnoides Violet Willow Small tree  up to 12m. Does not survive well in the UK so is generally only seen as a small tree. Gets its name from the purple violet shoots.
Salix Exigua Coyote Willow Large upright shrub or small tree. Branches greyish / brown with silvery like leaves. Not native to UK.
Salix Fragilis Crack Willow Medium tree up to 25m. Gets its name from the ease in which its branches break. Glossy well spaced leaves distinguish this variety from it counterparts.
Salix Pentandra Bay Willow Small to medium tree up to 18m. Glossy olive green shoots and glossy leaves coupled with the bright yellow catkins make it one of the prettiest. Seldom found in the south.
Sequoiadendron Giganteum Giant Sequoia or Wellingtonia or Sierra Redwood Very large tree growing slowly up to 50m. Not very striking until it reaches maturity. Foliage when crushed smell strongly of aniseed.
Sophora Japonica Pendula Weeping Pagoda Tree Medium tree whose leaves resembles Gleditsia at first inspection. A grafted form of plain Sophora Japonica. A stunning weeper.
Sorbus Aria Whitebeam Medium tree up to  20m. Usually rounded habit with greyish white leaves when young turning to green above and white beneath. Suitable for most locations and soils.
Sorbus Aria Lutescens Small tree up to 12m. Leaves smaller than the straight Aria. Ideal for gardens and public areas.
Sorbus Aria Magnifica Medium tree of upright  habit, with large glossy green leaves and red fruits.
Sorbus Aria Majestica Similar habit to Aria, but leaves are much larger up to 15cm long and larger fruits.
Sorbus Mitchellii aka. Thibetica John Mitchell Medium tree up to 20m. Rounded habit, large leaves green above and white below. Apple shaped brown fruits.
Sorbus Aucuparia Mountain Ash or Rowan Medium tree  with grey downy buds. Small white flowers followed by bright red fruits in winter. Not ideal on chalky soils.
Sorbus Aucuparia Aspleniifolia aka Laciniata An elegant form with deep cut fine tooth leaves.
Sorbus Aucuparia Cardinal Royal Upright form with bright red fruits.
Sorbus Cashmiriana Kashmir Rowan Small tree up to 7m. Pale pink flowers followed by white fruit.
Sorbus Aucuparia Edulis Similar habit to Aria, but with longer broader leaves and larger edible fruits.
Sorbus Hupehensis Hupeh Rowan Small to Medium Tree up to 15m. May be grafted onto  Aucuparia stem. Greyish tint to leaves in summer. White tinged pink flowers followed similar coloured fruits. Good autumn colour.
Sorbus Aucuparia Sheerwater Seedling Small tree of upright habit. Excellent choice for street planting due to the compact ovoid nature. Orange / red fruiits.
Sorbus Commixta Japanese Rowan Small tree up to 15m. Upright initially spreading with age. Glossy green serrated leaflets turning rich red in autumn. Small round orange/red fruit.
Sorbus Discolor Small tree similar to Commixta. Flowers early than most, fruits of a creamy yellow tinged with pink.
Sorbus Commixta Embley Chinese Scarlet Rowan Small tree similar to Commixta. Autumn colours of rich red colour later and last longer. Fruits orange / red in large bunches.
Sorbus Golden Wonder Small tree of upright habit.  Leaflets of blue / green turning yellow / red in autumn. Fruits golden / yellow.
Sorbus Intermedia Swedish Whitebeam Small tree up to 15m usually rounded head. Flowers more intensively than either Aria or Aucuparia. Scarlet / red fruit.
Sorbus Intermedia Brouwers Similar to straight Intermedia this tree is more oval in habit, making it a better choice for street planting.
Sorbus Joseph Rock Small tree up to 12m with a compact erect habit. Small leaflets turning rich colours of red, orange, copper and purple in autumn. Creamy yellow fruit becoming darker as they mature.
Sorbus Sargentiana Sargent’s Rowan Small tree up to 9m. A late starter with buds not opening till late in the spring. Colours rich red in autumn. Small scarlet fruit.
Sorbus Vilmorinii Vilmorin’s Rowan Small tree up to 8m with a low wide head. Leaves unfold brown, turning to green then reddish / purple in autumn. Fruits change from light pink to white tinged pink as they mature.
Sorbus X Thuringiaca Bastard Service Tree Small tree up to 14m. The true form has a dense upright head, but the Fastigiata form is more regularly planted due to its more erect habit. White flowers. Red fruit.

As Weetree is a small family business it is up to me (Jason) to keep the website upto date and I will endeavour to put some pictures of the trees on the site as and when I have taken them.