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The list of trees is not a complete one, trees are added and taken away all the time if you are looking for a very specific tree or size of tree just email us your requirements at sales@weetree.co.uk and we will let you know if it is available and at what cost.


Latin Name Common Name Description
Parrotia Persica  Persian Ironwood Small tree or large shrub spreading habit. Red flowers on older trees, in mid-late winter – early spring. Good autumn colours.
Paulownia Tomentosa  Foxglove Tree Small tree up to 7m. Purple foxglove-like flowers in May. Flower buds are susceptible to late frost
Picea Abies  Common or Norway Spruce Large growing tree known for its use as the familiar Christmas Tree.
Picea Omorika  Serbian Spruce Medium to large tree. Pale brown young growth becoming fresh green needles. Narrow elegant habit.
Pinus Mugo  Mountain Pine Large shrub or small tree, dense bushy habit. Dark green needles.
Pinus Nigra Austriaca  Austrian Pine Large tree of scruffy habit. Dark green needles. Good in most soils and in maritime areas.
Pinus Sylvestris  Scots Pine Large tree the most native pine to UK. Reddish young bark, grey/green to blue / green needles.
Platanus Acerifolia aka. Hispanica  London Plane Large tree with large maple-like leaves. Rounded spiky fruits hang on from summer through to spring.
Platanus Orientalis  Oriental Plane or Chennar Tree Large tree with spreading low head. 5 lobed leaves. Fruits similar to London plane.
Populus Tachatricho 32 aka. Balsam Spire Poplar variety Large narrow tree, fast growing. Leaves white underneath and buds fragrant. Female.
Populus Alba White Poplar Large tree, suckering habit. Leaves white beneath, shoots and bark whitish. Leaves briefly yellow in autumn.
Populus Balsamifera  Balsam Poplar Large tree of erect habit. Leaves scented balsamic when opening. Large sticky buds.
Populus Candicans Aurora aka. Jackii Aurora Poplar variety Medium size tree. Young leaves are creamy in colour occasionally tinged pink.. Older leaves become green.
Populus Canescens Grey Poplar Medium to large tree of suckering habit. Woolly red catkins in late winter. Mature trees develop a grey bark.
Populus Nigra Betulifolia Manchester Poplar Large tree with broad head.  Downy shoots and young leaves. Tolerant of smoke pollution, well used in industrial areas.
Populus Nigra Italica Lombardy Poplar Large tree of narrow columnar habit. Used effectively for tall screening.
Populus Serotina Aurea Golden Poplar Large tree with golden/yellow leaves  in spring changing to yellow/green in summer and finally golden/yellow in autumn.
Populus Tremula Aspen Medium tree of suckering habit. Long, slender stalks allow the leaves to flutter in minimal breeze. Long grey catkins in winter..
Prunus Accolade Flowering Cherry variety Small tree with spreading head of branches. Semi-double pink flowers.
Prunus Avium Wild Cherry or Gean Medium to large tree. White cup shaped flowers. Small shiny reddish/purple fruit. Autumn colours rich reds.
Prunus Avium Plena Double Gean Medium to large tree. Double white flowers.
Prunus Blireana Double Cherry Plum Small tree or large shrub. Leaves are of a coppery/purple colour. Flowers double pink.
Prunus Cerasifera Pissardii Nigra or Atropurpurea Purple Leaf Plum  Small tree with stunning reddish purple foliage. Flowers pink in bud opening to white/pink tinge.
Prunus Cerasifera Trailblazer Flowering Cherry variety Small tree similar to Pissardii Nigra in colour. Habit more spreading.
Prunus Domestica Common Plum Small tree grown for its edible fruit.
Prunus Hillieri ‘Spire’ Flowering Cherry variety Small tree of upright habit. Soft pink flowers, rich autumn colours. Ideal for restricted areas.
Prunus Incisa ‘Praecox’  Flowering Cherry variety Small tree or large shrub. Flowers in winter, pink in bud, white fully open.
Prunus Laurocerasus Common or Cherry Laurel Large shrub, evergreen and fast growing habit. Dark shiny leaves. Ideal screening. Small white flowers in May.
Prunus Lusitanica Portugal Laurel Large shrub or small tree. Dark green leaves with reddish stems. Small white flowers. Ideal screening.
Prunus Padus Bird Cherry Small to medium tree. Small white flowers with almond scent.
Prunus Padus Albertii Flowering Cherry variety Small to medium tree similar to Padus but more upright habit.
Prunus Padus Grandiflora aka.Watererii Flowering Cherry variety Small to medium tree similar to Padus but flowers larger.
Prunus Pink Shell Flowering Cherry variety Small graceful tree of spreading habit.Shell Pink flowers, cup shaped.
Prunus Sargentii Rancho Flowering Cherry variety Small tree of narrow upright habit. Pink flowers. Good autumn colours.
Prunus Sargentii Sargent Cherry Small tree of rounded habit. Bronze/red foliage when young. Pink flowers. Stunning autumn colour.
Prunus Serrula Tibetan Cherry Small tree with narrow leaves. Small white flowers.
Prunus Amanogawa Japanese Flowering Cherry variety Small tree of columnar habit. Branches erect. Flowers semi-double pink. Bronze/Green young leaves.
Prunus Cheals Weeping aka. Kiku-Shidare Sakura Japanese Flowering Cherry variety Small tree with arching branches. Deep pink double flowers.
Prunus Kanzan aka. Sekiyama Japanese Flowering Cherry variety Medium tree ascending branches. Large double pinkish/purple. Coppery colour young growth.
Prunus Shirofugen Japanese Flowering Cherry variety Small spreading tree up to 10m. Large double flowers purplish pink in bud opening to white fading to purplish pink.
Prunus Shimidsu aka.Shôgetsu Japanese Flowering Cherry variety Small tree of spreading habit. Flattened top. Large double flowers pink in bud opening to white.
Prunus Shirotae aka. Mount Fuji Japanese Flowering Cherry variety Small tree wide-spreading almost drooping habit. Large single or semi-double flowers opening white.
Prunus Subhirtella Autumnalis Autumn Cherry Small tree up to 7.5m. Semi double white flowers.
Prunus Subhirtella Autumnalis Rosea Autumn Cherry Variety Small tree as Autumn Cherry. Flowers blush pink.
Prunus Subhirtella Pendula Plena Rosea Autumn Cherry Variety Weeping small tree or shrub. Semi-double pink flowers.
Prunus Subhirtella Spring Cherry Small to medium size tree. Small light pink flowers and good autumn colour.
Prunus Tai Haku Great White Cherry Small to medium tree up to 12m. Large white single blossoms. Young growths emerge reddish/copper colour.
Prunus Virginiana Choke Cherry Small tree or large shrub. Glossy green leaves with small white flowers. Dark red fruits.
Prunus Umineko Flowering Cherry variety Small tree of narrow, upright habit. Single white flowers. Good autumn colours.
Prunus Yedoensis Yoshino Cherry Small to medium tree with gracefully arching branches. Almond scented pink tinged white flowers.
Pterocarya Fraxinifolia Caucasian Wingnut Large tree usually grown by water. Leaves resemble Ash, and turn yellow in autumn. Greenish flowers in drooping catkins.
Pyrus Calleryana Chanticleer Ornamental Pear variety Medium tree. Dense head of branches. White Flowers in late March early April.
Pyrus Salicifolia Pendula Weeping Willow Leaf Pear Small weeping tree. Narrow willow-like leaves silvery in colour. Cream / white flowers. Small brown fruit.

As Weetree is a small family business it is up to me (Jason) to keep the website upto date and I will endeavour to put some pictures of the trees on the site as and when I have taken them.