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The list of trees is not a complete one, trees are added and taken away all the time if you are looking for a very specific tree or size of tree just email us your requirements at sales@weetree.co.uk and we will let you know if it is available and at what cost.


Latin Name Common Name Description
Acer Campestre Field Maple A medium sized  tree used in hedges and parklands, leaves turn yellow in autumn.
Acer Campestre Elsrijk Field Maple A Dutch variant with a conical habit.
Acer Capillipes Red Snakebark Maple A Japanese maple with well veined leaves and wonderful autumn colours of orange and red.
Acer Cappadocicum Cappadocian Maple A medium to large tree turning a butter yellow colour in autumn
Acer Cappadocicum Aureum A distinct form with red young leaves turning golden yellow and staying this colour for some time.
Acer Cappadocicum Rubrum Young leaves blood-red.
Acer Davidii Pere David’s Maple A small green and white Snakebark maple
Acer Griseum Paperbark Maple A most beautiful small maple with trifoliolate leaves turning red and scarlet in autumn with a wonderful red bark that has a peeled look.
Acer Japonicum Aconitifolium A small tree with deeply lobed and cut leaves with a rich crimson autumn colour.
Acer Japonicum Aureum Golden Moon Maple A slow growing tree with butter yellow leaves liable to scorching in full sun
Acer Japonicum Vitifolium Large tree, fan shaped leaves, beautiful autumn colour.
Acer Lobelii Lobel’s Maple Naturally upright form, fast growing, wavy edged dark green leaves good for confined spaces.
Acer Negundo Ashleaf Maple / Box Elder A medium to large fast growing tree, bright green shoots when young, leaves bright green and paler beneath.
Acer Pensylvanicum MooseWood One of the best small Snakebark trees with striped white and pale green bark when young. Leaves turn bright yellow in autumn.
Acer Platanoides Norway Maple A large fast growing tree, very common in the UK.
Acer Platanoides Cleveland As for Norway Maple with a large oval head and large dark green leaves.
Acer Platanoides Columnare A large upright columnar form.
Acer Platanoides  Crimson King A large tree with deep red to purple leaves
Acer Platanoides  Crimson Sentry A columnar form, Leaves not as deep red as Crimson king. A columnar form, Leaves not as deep red as Crimson king
Acer Platanoides  Drummondii A beautiful form with green inner and a cream band around the leaves.
Acer Platanoides  Emerald Queen A fast growing form with dark green glossy leaves turning to yellow in autumn.
Acer Platanoides  Globosum A small tree with a dense mop head of branches.
Acer Pseudoplatanus Sycamore Large native tree will grow in almost any location
Acer Pseudoplatanus Worley Golden Sycamore medium sized tree, leaves starting soft yellow/green turning to gold then green.
Acer Pseudoplatanus Brilliantissimum A grafted form, slow growing, leaves starting pink then orange, yellow, finally white/green.
Acer Pseudoplatanus  Leopoldii A medium tree with leaves a paint speckled yellow and green colour.
Acer Rubrum Red or Canadian Maple A large growing tree, with green leaves turning a rich red in  autumn.
Acer Saccharinum Silver Maple A fast growing maple with pale bark, leaves emerge orange turning green with a silver underside.
Acer Triflorum Rough-barked Maple Rare slow growing tree, desired for the brilliance of its autumn colour and bark.
Aesculus Hippocastanum Baumannii Horse Chestnut Large tree, with double white flowers
Aesculus Carnea Briotii Red Horse Chestnut A smaller form with deeper pink flowers.
Aesculus Flava Sweet Buckeye medium to large tree, with yellowish flowers good autumn colour.
Aesculus Hippocastanum Common Horse Chestnut Large tree, white flowers with a yellow/red blotch.
Aesculus Indica Indian Horse Chestnut Large tree, pink flushed flowers
Ailanthus Altissima Tree of Heaven Large tree, ash like leaves,  female trees produce reddish fruits.
Alnus Cordata Italian Alder Medium to large conical tree, growing up to 29 meters
Alnus Glutinosa Common Alder Small to medium bushy tree, no autumn colour leaves fall green.
Alnus Glutinosa Aurea As for the Common Alder but with pale yellow leaves.
Alnus Incana Grey Alder Hardy tree or large shrub, leaves grey ideal for cold wet locations
Alnus Incana Aurea Hardy tree or large shrub, young shoots and foliage yellow, red tinted catkins
Alnus Incana Pendula Small weeping tree with grey green leaves.
Alnus Rubra Red Alder Medium fast growing tree, large leaves with red bark
Amelanchier Canadensis JuneBerry, Serviceberry, Medium to large suckering shrub, grows well in moist locations
Amelanchier Lamarckii Snowy Mespilus Large shrub or small tree, bushy spreading habit, rich autumn colours.

As Weetree is a small family business it is up to me (Jason) to keep the website upto date and I will endeavour to put some pictures of the trees on the site as and when I have taken them.