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Cell Grown

Cell Grown

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At the end of the bare root season and into the Spring, many hedging varieties remain available in cell grown form as depicted in the example above.

Cells are an ideal form to plant into inhospitable environments or soils. The plant is already established with fresh roots waiting for planting, this gives you a head start on bare root as it doesn’t have to re-establish a new root system. Cell grown products are sold in a minimum of 15 of each variety plus a small carriage charge.

Varieties available include: (Basic list of the more commonly used varieties)

Genus Variety Common Name Sizes Available (in cm’s)
Acer Campestre Field Maple 20/40   –    40/60
Acer Pseudoplatanus Sycamore 20/40   –    40/60
Alnus Glutinosa Common Alder 20/40   –    40/60
Betula Pendula Silver Birch 30/30   –    40/60
Carpinus Betulus Hornbeam 20/40   –    40/60
Crataegus Monogyna Hawthorn 20/40   –    40/60
Fagus Sylvatica Beech 20/40   –    40/60
FraxinusNot Available Excelsior Ash 20/40   –    40/60
Quercus Robur English Oak 20/40   –    40/60
Sorbus Aucuparia Rowan 20/40   –    40/60

Many more varieties are available including many water plants just email, phone or fax for a quote on any you do not see above.

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